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NEW and unique products that provide a solution to the growing worldwide concern of the spread of contagious germs.
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Sports Facilities

Going to the fitness gym is meant to improve your health.  However, sometimes it may have the opposite effect.  Whether it's an upscale fitness center with the newest equipment or a high school locker room, all those people, all that exposed skin and all that sweat can create a perfect place for spreading bacteria and other microbial growths..

According to a research by Dr. Philip Tierno, director of Clinical Microbiology & Immunology at New York University and author of "The Secret Life Of Germs," fitness centers are one of the most effective place for transmission.  This transmission center can cause all kinds of problems including athlete's foot to staph infections.

“You do not use the machines by yourself. When someone else uses a machine before you they can leave behind some type of mcrobial growths on it.  If a member uses poor hygiene practices, has come in contact with sometype of microbial growth the potentail for spread beyond that first person is high.

Dr. Tierno’s laboratory examined samples of some of the equipment used in the gym. The result showed that some types of bacteria and fungi such as staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella, Enterobacter, and E. coli that can cause various kinds of diseases.

From taking swabs of exercise medicine balls, for example, Tierno found samples of MRSA — a strain of staph resistant to some antibiotics. "Any time you touch a medicine ball or machine, you have to know that your hands are contaminated and should be washed." Tierno says.

Some equipment that is used together, such as barbells, exercise bikes, and seats for weight lifting are highly vulnerable to transmission of germs. On some devices, bacillus bacteria coming from  soil was found. These bacteria can be carried from someone’s shoe.

ABC News Primetime conducted an undercover investigation of a number of gyms, swabbing everything in sight — from the free weights to the locker rooms — and found germs practically everywhere.

On a set of dumbbells, "Primetime" found staphylococcus, streptococcus viridans, diptheroids and e-coli — the most common bacteria in human feces. On one exercise bike, "Primetime" found candida — the germ that causes yeast infections.

But Tierno said the bacteria found in human feces, e-coli, was worst on the shower floor. "Bacteria and germs do survive in the shower … on the walls and on the floor," he said. "I found them in hoards. Unbelievable quantity."


Applying GermBloc™ on frequently touched surfaces in gyms and other sports facilities will create an invisible shield to inhibit the spreading of odor causing bacteria and fungi.  GermBloc™ continues to work long after traditional disinfectants become ineffective.

Suggested use:

  • Locker rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Saunas
  • Massage rooms
  • Weight rooms
  • Exercise equipment
  • Snack areas