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GermBloc Germ Protection


WillSpeed Technologies
Antimicrobial Surface Treatment
NEW and unique products that provide a solution to the growing worldwide concern of the spread of contagious germs.
Perfectly suited for healthcare, travel and other high risk
exposure areas.


Less Stress on the Environment

GermBloc™ is the environmentally friendly and user friendly antimicrobial. This product contains no heavy metals, arsenic, tin or polychlorinated phenols. The product addresses the two main ecological concerns associated with leaching antimicrobials: the off gassing of toxins into the environment and the generation of adaptive organisms (superbugs).

What happens to GermBloc™ after a treated garment is thrown away or discarded?

A shirt treated with this technology and placed in a landfill will break down to basic components in about five years: carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and silicon dioxide (sand or quartz) from which it was derived.

The Obvious Choice

All antimicrobials are NOT created equal. It is important to understand the basic chemical, physical, and biological properties of an antimicrobial so the best choice can be made.

Because of its unique mode of action and inability to migrate from a treated surface, our technology is the obvious choice to minimize environmental contamination and the development of resistant organisms.

  • No poison
  • Non leaching
  • Non-migrating
  • Bound
  • Water based
  • No known health issues
  • No triclosan

Environmentally friendly due to their properties – they are non-dissipating, non-leaching and non-migrating away from the applied substrate. 

GermBloc™ uses no poison, phenols, heavy metals, tin or arsenic.

There has never been a health claim made against GermBloc™.