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GermBloc Germ Protection


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Antimicrobial Surface Treatment
NEW and unique products that provide a solution to the growing worldwide concern of the spread of contagious germs.
Perfectly suited for healthcare, travel and other high risk
exposure areas.

Nursing Homes

Overcrowding is a typical challenge and complaint in a large number of nursing home facilities. Many of these establishments house a large number of elderly residents, frequently in close proximity to one another, establishing the perfect conditions for dangerous outbreaks of communicable diseases. Communicable diseases pass on from individual to individual and are often caused by bacteria.

Our bodies have various microorganisms living both in and on our bodies without causing any problems. Nevertheless, when people have compromised or weakened immune systems, these microbes can trigger illnesses and infections. The elderly tend to be especially susceptible to these types of infections.

The most efficient method for dealing with communicable diseases is prevention. Many aged nursing home residents already have illnesses so their immune system and cannot fight new diseases or infections as efficiently as they used to.

Nursing facilities have to take safety measures to avoid dangerous communicable diseases and protect their residents. Unfortunately, nursing facilities tend to be the ideal environment for these types of infections. This happens because occupants reside in close proximity to one another while using minimal common areas, shared meal areas, along with shared sources of food, water, and air. Additionally, there is usually a continuous flow of new residents, staff, as well as guests entering and leaving the facility, carrying pathogens as they move.

GermBloc™ should be applied to many surfaces that are frequently touched by residents and staff of the nursing home to create a better hygeinic environment.