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GermBloc Germ Protection


WillSpeed Technologies
Antimicrobial Surface Treatment
NEW and unique products that provide a solution to the growing worldwide concern of the spread of contagious germs.
Perfectly suited for healthcare, travel and other high risk
exposure areas.

Hospitality & Travel

Hotel guests leave behind more than just socks and old paperbacks.  No matter how nice the establishment, chances are that some invisible guests manage to dodge the housekeeper.

A lot of travelers assume a hotel bathroom may not be as clean as their own, that bacteria, fungi, germs may linger on the carpets or the bedspread, but few people think twice about the room's light switch. That's right, the light switch!

Sheets are regularly laundered and changed, and showers scrubbed, but it's unlikely that hotel maids are wiping down hard surfaces such as doorknobs and light switches, alarm clocks, ice buckets or hotel-inscribed pens.

Cold viruses, e. coli and other growths can live on hard surfaces for a day or longer. This means if the person who stayed in the room was sick, there's a chance the next traveler staying in that room will get sick too.

There have been many studies on growths in hotels and public transportation.  The potential problems of poor hygiene are well known.

While it may be impossible to make sure that housekeeping will be able to disinfect every surface mentioned above after every visitor, GermBloc™ offers an additional solution by creating an invisible shield that prevents the growth of odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew. growth.